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What's New in RapidMiner Studio 8.1.0?

Released: February 06th, 2018

The following describes the bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 8.1.0:

New Features

  • Added Auto Model feature, a new working mode for rapid creation, comparison, and exploration of new models. It can be found as a new view at the top.
  • Added a powerful global search functionality which can be found in the top-right corner and activated via Ctrl+F shortcut. You can currently search for operators, repository contents, UI actions, and Marketplace content. See the documentation for more information if you are interested in more complex and powerful search queries (e.g. finding data/models that contain a specific attribute, or were last modified before a certain date, etc).


  • New Process Templates upgraded to use the latest operator versions.
  • Read Excel now allows sheet selection by name.
  • Read CSV, Read XML and Read Excel have a new expert parameter read all values as polynominal, which allows the user to disable type guessing.
  • Hide passwords in the Password Manager dialog and store them with a stronger encryption.
  • Seach Twitter and Get Twitter User Statuses added support for 280-character tweets.
  • All Twitter operators moved from numerical to nominal attributes for user and status IDs.
  • Made the Views display at the top more dynamic on resizing to prevent squashed GUI elements for low(er) resolutions and to show more views for high(er) resolutions. To achieve this, both the Undo and Redo buttons for process editing were removed. You can still undo/redo via the top Edit menu, or by pressing Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y, or even via the new global search by searching for Undo or Redo.


  • Secured XML parsing against XXE vulnerability
  • Fixed a rare error when logging inside parallel operators
  • Fixed problem that caused Parse Numbers to fail if input was an empty value
  • Fixed a rare error when running Join, Replace Missing Values, or Add inside a parallel loop
  • Fixed handling of polynominal attributes in Apply Model when applying a Cluster Model
  • Updated Regularized/Linear/Quadratic Discriminant Analysis to avoid uncaught errors and give more information if an error occurs
  • Fixed uncaught Runtime Exception when using Loop Parameters and Optimize Parameters (Grid) with log_all_criteria
  • Fixed issues with duplicated or missing entries, as well as missing groups in the Manage Connections dialog
  • Refreshing folders in a RapidMiner Server repository no longer blocks the entire Studio interface
  • Renaming entries in a RapidMiner Server repository no longer blocks the entire Studio interface
  • Pressing Ctrl-A in an empty process no longer makes the process parameters disappear
  • Hotkeys for view switches now work properly from all views
  • Upgraded MSSQL JDBC driver to version 4.2
  • Upgraded PostGreSQL JDBC driver to version 42.2.1


  • The Global Search feature is highly flexible and open to extensions - look at and to get started!
  • Unsigned 3rd party extensions can now call ParameterService#setParameterValue(String, String) without causing a SecurityException
  • Please note: We have accumulated lots of outdated code over the years. Anything that is annotated with @Deprecated will be removed at some point in the future. Removal will start with RapidMiner Studio 9.0, so please prepare your extensions by not using any deprecated code anymore. JavaDoc will help guide you to replacement classes/interfaces/methods.