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How to Extend RapidMiner

Learn here step-by-step how to build and deploy your own RapidMiner extension. You can create your own operators, UI elements or data objects according to your needs.

Quick Start

  1. Checkout the extension template.

  2. In the file build.gradle, set the name of the extension (that is, replace 'Template' with the desired name). For example:

     extensionConfig {
         // The extension name
         name MyNewExtension
  3. Initialize the extension project by executing the Gradle task initializeExtensionProject. For example:

     gradlew --no-daemon initializeExtensionProject
  4. Add an icon for the extension by placing an image named icon.png in src/main/resources/META-INF/.

  5. Build and install your extension by executing the installExtension Gradle task.

  6. Start RapidMiner Studio and check whether your extension has been loaded.

  7. Happy coding!

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