You are viewing the RapidMiner Server documentation for version 8.2 - Check here for latest version

Job Agents

The RapidMiner Server preconfigures the agent with some of the properties it can guess before you download the distribution. You can edit these properties after downloading and unpacking the agent.

Agent Properties

You can alter this configuration by changing config/ Each property has a comment before which explains what effect the configuration has on the agent.

It is advised to change the jobagent.appId value to something static and meaningful to you. Otherwise, each start (or restart) of the agent will cause a new appId to be generated which in turn will result to multiple timed out agent IDs displayed on the Queues screen.

Container Properties

The content inside config/container/ is going to be copied into each job directory before container start:

  • .RapidMiner: Place your own configuration files into this directory if you need it for your extensions.
  • the properties in this file are going to be set as system properties for the Job Container. The agent will also add RapidMiner Server's address properties to this file automatically before the container starts. Use this file to provide your custom properties (e.g. extension properties) for the container.
  • jdbc_properties.xml: the connection properties will be copied into each job's directory.


Extensions are provided from extensions/ directory, they aren't copied because of their size, but provided as a reference to each Job Container. Place your extensions into this directory if you want to be available for execution.

To keep the extension installation effort and maintenance for RapidMiner Server and Job Agent to a minimum share the server’s extension directory between both. If it is not located on the same machine use your systems capabilities to enable a network share to provide the Job Agent access to the server’s extension directory. Open the Job Agent’s configuration at config/ and add the path to the extension directory (jobagent.container.extensionsDir).

Licenses and Concurrency

The Job Agent distribution's licenses/ directory already contains your licenses installed in RapidMiner Server. It can happen however that some of your extensions need extra licenses to execute properly and those licenses can't be found in the Job Agent's directory. Place your licenses into this directory to make it available to your containers.

License limits

You can define the number of spawned Job Containers (jobagent.container.count) for each Job Agent and the memory per Job Container (jobagent.container.memoryLimit) in the config/ file. Keep in mind that these settings need to comply with your current server license. If you exceed your license limit, the Job Agent will not start. More detailed information can be found in the License limits article.