You are viewing the RapidMiner Server documentation for version 8.2 - Check here for latest version

Job Agents

RapidMiner Job Agent is the consumer endpoint application for the scaled execution of jobs. It starts and manages execution environments, handles their logs and distributes information across these execution instances. Being a CLI application, you can simply download, unpack and start the agent from the command line of your operating system.


Obtain an Agent

Job Agents are tied to one execution queue (See Administration > Process execution queues) and can be downloaded from the queue configuration page on server by clicking Install. Each agent is pre-configured based on the queue it was downloaded for. For example, if you download an agent from the link provided under DEFAULT queue, that agent will connect to server and fetch jobs from that queue.

Example on how to extract a Job Agent archive:

unzip -d rapidminer-jobagent-8.1.0/


The RapidMiner Server preconfigures the agent with some of the properties it can guess before you download the distribution. You can edit these properties after downloading and unpacking the agent.

Agent Properties

You can alter this configuration by changing config/ Each property has a comment before which explains what effect the configuration has on the agent.

Before starting your Job Agent for the first time please make sure your network settings and resource consumption is configured correctly.

Container Properties

The content inside config/container/ is going to be copied into each job directory before container start:

  • .RapidMiner: Place your own configuration files into this directory if you need it for your extensions.
  • the properties in this file are going to be set as system properties for the Job Container. The agent will also add RapidMiner Server's address properties to this file automatically before the container starts. Use this file to provide your custom properties (e.g. extension properties) for the container.
  • jdbc_properties.xml: the connection properties will be copied into each job's directory.


Extensions are provided from extensions/ directory, they aren't copied because of their size, but provided as a reference to each Job Container. Place your extensions into this directory if you want to be available for execution.

Licenses and Concurrency

The Job Agent distribution's licenses/ directory already contains your licenses installed in RapidMiner Server. It can happen however that some of your extensions need extra licenses to execute properly and those licenses can't be found in the Job Agent's directory. Place your licenses into this directory to make it available to your containers.


To run the agent, execute the bin/rapidminer-jobagent. This will start the agent by setting:

  • the base directory (baseDir) of the agent to the current root of the distribution package
  • the configuration directory to {baseDir}/config/
  • the agent's persistent storage's directory to {baseDir}/data/
  • the extensions directory to {baseDir}/extensions/
  • the used Job Container engine to the jar file located in {baseDir}/engine/

Stop Agent

To stop the agent, you can use the stop script bin/stop-job-agent. This script will forcibly shut down all your running jobs and the agent itself.

Make sure the user who is executing the stop script is allowed to stop the Job Agent process, e.g. stopping the Job Agent of the Windows Service will require admin rights.

To stop the agent-bundled Job Agent go to the job-agent/ folder in the RapidMiner Server base directory and run the bin/stop-job-agent from there.