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What's New in RapidMiner Studio 8.2.1?

Released: June 28th, 2018

The following describes the bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 8.2.1:

New Features

  • Added possibility to disconnect from RapidMiner Server repositories


  • Edit Access Rights dialog is now read-only if the user does not have enough permissions to make changes
  • The Generate Weight Stratification does now warn about mismatching data
  • Updated tutorial process for Loop Attributes


  • Fixed broken preview when using the Guess value types or Reload data buttons in the Import Configuration Wizard of the Read Excel and Read CSV operators, after manually changing the attribute selection or an attribute role.
  • Fixed a metadata problem with the Singular Value Decomposition operator showing the wrong type of preprocessing model.
  • Fixed a bug causing Aggregate to concatenate the same value multiple times even though only distinct was set.
  • It is no longer possible to toggle breakpoints if Process panel is not visible.
  • Write CSV is no longer writing Integer values as floating points.
  • Updated mode aggregation function of Aggregrate to take missing values into account.
  • Remember can now be used in every iteration of a parallel operator, instead of only the last. No execution order is guaranteed.
  • The New Revision server repository action does no longer block the UI.
  • Fixed bug preventing SVM Kernel Scatter Plot from displaying certain variables.
  • The macro command line argument -M does now work as expected when passed to the rapidminer-batch.bat launcher.
  • Fixed rare bug that could occur when looking at a subprocess of a parallel operator while zoomed out and trying to run the process.
  • Fixed pass through port of the Correlation Matrix operator (returned a subset of the input for some data sets).
  • Fixed missing visual indicator in the top bar for the currently selected view when resizing RM Studio horizontally.
  • Fixed spelling error in Direct Marketing template.
  • Fixed spelling error for mikro/makro.
  • Fixed a problem using undo/redo during a tutorial.
  • Fixed a rare bug that might occur on restoring a process on startup.
  • Fixed uncommon bug where Views will break when switching too fast between them.
  • Fixed bug making Apply Threshold use the wrong mapping.