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List of CSS classes

The following lists the main CSS classes used by the RapidMiner Server display. Each class controls the relevant element for the page(s) it is applied to. That is, it overwrites the default RapidMiner CSS, but only where specifically assigned to do so. Chart-specific classes refer to both Flash and HTML5, unless specified.

Class Controls...
a Standard HTML links
-ofc-axis-label Axis labels for charts
-ofc-chart Descriptors for charts
-ofc-legend Legends for charts
-ofc-title Titles for charts
-ofc-tooltip Tooltips for charts
-ofc-tooltip-title Tooltip titles for charts
.reportlet Containers for the individual web app elements (charts, text, settings, etc.)
.reportSubmitButton Submit buttons in web app settings
.reportSubmitButtonText Text inside Submit buttons
.reportTabLabel Labels for tabs
.reportTabLabelActive Label for the currently selected tab
.reportTabList Navigation tab list at the top of web apps
.rich-panel Framed containers within the web app
.rich-panel-header Title for a framed container (rich-panel)
.titleHeader Page title