Platform Overview

This page provides an overview of existing deployable components and how they fit together in the Altair RapidMiner platform deployment.


  • AI Hub Server: the server component of the Altair RapidMiner platform manages Projects, Executions, Queues, Schedules, Jobs and management views for Logs, Licenses, Extensions and Operators.
  • Job Agent(s): one of the execution backend components of the Altair RapidMiner platform, where the scheduled or manually submitted processes are executed
  • Platform Admin tool: a web-based user interface which manages:
    • deployment packages on a connected Real-Time Scoring Agent
    • a bundled, Anaconda-based Python environment on all connected Job Agents of the platform deployment
  • Real-Time Scoring Agent: a standalone component used to serve processes as web services with low latency
  • Radoop Proxy: a tool used to simplify network connectivity to firewalled Hadoop clusters
  • Docker Deployment Manager: a web-based user interface used to simplify the most common deployment tasks. Works with a docker-compose based deployment
  • JupyterHub: a co-deployed Notebook environment for Python coders, offering integrated user management with Altair AI Hub and easy access its repositories