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What's new in RapidMiner Server 9.3

Dear RapidMiner User,

This release has great new features for both new and experienced users – feature for people working in teams, or for people using Python. Please try these out and share your feedback with us.

Improved team collaboration with the way of managing data connectivity

Easily and securely create and share the new repository-based connections. You’ll be able to scale with your needs, as connections can be created once and shared with multiple users.

RapidMiner Studio Connection

As a user, you can keep your credentials in a secure storage in RapidMiner Server that’s not accessible to anyone else. Secure those user credentials and other sensitive parameters, which will be automatically retrieved from RapidMiner Server at runtime.

RapidMiner Server Connection Vault

Deploy use cases from development to production by moving processes from Server to Server. Values like the database host or user credentials are obtained from RapidMiner Server, which means that connections can become environment-aware and get test data in your Test Server and production data in your Production Server.

Seamlessly use your enterprise identity provider with RapidMiner

Use the secure and standard SAML protocol for user authentication. Extend your security depending on needs: password-based, token-based, 2 or multiple-factor authorization, etc. All major identity providers are supported: Microsoft ADFS, Akamai, Auth0 and many others.

Enhanced logging to check who changed what and when

Keep track of the changes made the different members of the team with the new audit logs that have been added to the scheduler actions.

Enhancements and bug fixes