Job execution infrastructure

The concepts of RapidMiner Server and its Job Agents are central to the architecture of RapidMiner AI Hub.

On RapidMiner Server, resources and configuration details are stored in the RapidMiner Server home directory; the Job Agent has its own home directory, referred to here as <homeDir> or <job-agent-home>. This home dir can bet set via the JOBAGENT_BASE_DIR environment variable.

The Job Agent's external resources are centrally managed and automatically synchronized from the RapidMiner Server instance the Job Agent is connected to.

Since the Job Agents / Job Containers are responsible for doing most of the work organized by RapidMiner Server, typical configuration tasks are aimed at assuring a smooth workflow, with the full functionality required for the task at hand. By increasing the number of Job Agents and/or the number of Job Containers per Job Agent, you can scale your workload arbitrarily.