Identity and User Federation

The RapidMiner Platform can integrate with any SAML v2.0 and OAuth2 capable identity provider for identity federation, and with LDAP servers for user federation. Both may come in handy in enterprise deployment scenarios, or when easy entry to the platform is a priority, while keeping management overhead as low as possible.

No matter which federation scenario is configured, the Single Sign-On experience and the role-based access control will function as expected.


To carry out the management tasks described below, you need to be logged in with a user that has the appropriate role assigned. In our default configuration, this role is covered by the platform-admin realm role, which is assigned to the pre-provisioned admin user.

After logging in, navigate to Identity and Security on your deployment's landing page to access the admin interface. All instructions below assume that you are already logged in and navigated to this page.

Configuring identity federation

Click on Identity Providers. From the dropdown, select your provider. The fields you need to fill will vary based on the provider you choose. Follow the instructions of your identity provider to complete the integration.

Click Save to activate the identity federation.

Configuring user federation

Click on User Federation. From the dropdown, choose your provider type, then fill in all fields according to the instructions of your user database provider.

Click Save to activate the identity federation.