Identity and Security


Identity and Security provides an interface to manage access, authentication and authorization related configuration across the RapidMiner Platform deployment.

This page provides a short overview of the component and provide with links to common management tasks. Identity and Security is only available as part of the RapidMiner Platform deployment. See the deployment overview on where it fits in, and check one of the deployment templates to get started with it.

Logging in to Identity and Security

Identity and Security is accessible via the RapidMiner Platform landing page, or by navigating to https://your-platform-deployment/auth/admin/.

You need the right roles configured for your user to access Identity and Security and its features. Users with the platform-admin role will have access to all features of Identity and Security. When working on an initial configuration, you can use the pre-provisioned admin user to log in and access the component.

For more information on configuring roles, go to the relevant page of Manage deployments.

Features of Identity and Security

Identity and Security is a user interface provided by the integrated open source KeyCloak component, responsible for identity and access management in the RapidMiner Platform deployment. For a complete feature set provided, we encourage you to check out the official KeyCloak documentation's server administration guide.

We have created short step by step guides for the most important management tasks in the Manage Deployment chapter of our documentation, including what configuration defaults we chose for each specific topic to provide a smooth and secure user experience.

Please follow the links below to learn more on any of these topics: