What's New in RapidMiner Studio 10.0.0?

Released: November 7, 2022

The following sections describe what's new in RapidMiner Studio 10.0.0


  • RapidMiner Studio now finally uses Java 11 as opposed to Java 8!
    • AI Hub X now also uses Java 11, and as a consequence, RapidMiner Studio X cannot connect to AI Hub 9 or earlier! Both Studio and AI Hub need to be upgraded to version 10!
    • Windows & OS X users will get the updated Java runtime automatically, but Unix users (or anyone using the platform independent release) need to provide Java 11 manually for running Studio.
    • Some extensions might no longer work with Java 11 and require an update, please check the Marketplace for updates.
  • Visualizations: Added ability to sort results when using aggregations in all charts where it makes sense. Sorting can be ascending/descending either on the aggregated result value, or the aggregation column name.
  • Time Series: Added the Windowing Model as a preprocessing model for the Windowing operator.
    • The model can be used to apply the configured windowing operation on any data set (having the same columns) by using Apply Model operator
    • The model can be grouped together with other models using the Group Model operator.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Added Google Drive operators to read, write, delete and loop files, as well as create folders.
  • Connectivity: Added Snowflake as a first-class citizen for database connections


  • Added preprocessing model to Pivot operator
  • Improved High-DPI scaling on Windows
  • The tooltip for date-time entries in the result view now shows the time-stamp in ISO format (including potential nanoseconds)
  • Copy&pasting data from date-time cells is now consistent with what is displayed in the precise tooltip
  • Added setting to disable repository indexing for searching altogether via the Enable repository search indexing setting. This can be used for very large repositories or ones behind a slow network drive or when a virus scanner is involved
  • Time Series: Added the parameter sort time series to all time series operators where an indices column is mandatory or optional
    • If selected the input time series is automatically sorted before the time series operation is applied. The output of original ports will also contain the sorted data set.
  • Time Series: Improved UserError for indices attributes which are not sorted or has non-unique values


  • Fixed a problem where collections with empty sub-collections might not be readable
  • Fixed problems with empty (sub-) collections not being readable
  • Fixed problems with repeatedly extracting collections because of an incorrectly set timestamp
  • Fixed the storage of the LFS & editable flags in the repositories.xml file for projects
  • Fixed a problem where collections with empty subcollections might not be readable
  • Fixed issue that could cause an error when a better license was installed automatically
  • Fixed creation of new Google Cloud Services connection after the recent Google OAuth flow changes


  • RapidMiner Studio is now running with Java 11, as are all bundled extensions. Starting from this version, all extensions targeting RapidMiner X and beyond must be compatible with Java 11 as well!
  • We upgraded ALL libraries RapidMiner Studio uses to their latest available versions. This includes libraries where the version jump comes with API changes. Please thoroughly test your extensions to ensure they not only run with Java 11, but are also working as expected given all the library upgrades.
  • Added new (Belt-based) expression parser that replaces the old one. The new expression parser comes with an improved API for developers, it can handle the new Belt types and index-based functions.
    • Some index-based functions have already been added to the new expression parser: lead, lag and row_number
    • Date-time functions have been revised
    • Time functions have been added
    • The behavior of the and / or functions for missing values changed
  • Back ported separation of Tools class to extract number formatting methods and make them available without core dependencies.
  • Upgraded JxBrowser to version 7.26 for HTML5-based visualizations. This should not affect extensions, unless they accessed the Browser creation directly.