What's New in RapidMiner Studio 10.3.0?

Released: Oct 31, 2023

The following sections describe what's new in RapidMiner Studio 10.3.0


  • Interactive Decision Tree: Added way to switch between alternative splits when more than one split is possible for the selected node. The splits are cycled through in order of significance for the tree based on the selected measure, from most to least significant.
  • Interactive Decision Tree: Added button in the tree UI to show the split report for the selected split.
  • Interactive Decision Tree: Improved minimap by consolidating control buttons and allowing to hide the minimap


  • Added header row parameter to the Read Excel and Read CSV operators
  • Improved import wizard behaviour w.r.t header row and starting row handling
  • Interactive Decision Tree: Find Split will now overwrite an existing split
  • The open process tracks now the repository changes to prevent losing or corrupting processes
  • CSV import now supports quoted multiline text via an optional flag
  • CSV import has improved date format input field handling
  • Improved the user error messages for fatal expression exceptions
  • Changed HSQLDB default URL prefix to point to the server (jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://)
  • Auto Model: Removed inactive deployment option in results overview


  • Fixed an issue that caused process files to become corrupted when using certain emojis in parameters
  • Fixed an issue which could break displaying Chinese or Japanese symbols at certain places in the UI
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to having another view active than selected. This happened when a broken view (corrupted file) was selected. Broken views are now deleted on start-up.
  • Database connections for databases which use nvarchar as string column type can now properly create tables
  • Fixed Ingres JDBC driver class default
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent right click on operators when older extensions were installed.
  • Fixed potential freeze on first startup on MacOS
  • Fixed ANOVA Matrix result cell coloring to be in line with the description (colored cells are below the significance threshold)
  • Removed warning message in log during first startup in relation to missing recent data sets file
  • Auto Model: Fixed issue that could cause Auto Model to not show Prediction details for each individual model
  • Interactive Decision Tree: Fixed issue which could cause the node order to switch when editing splits in the tree
  • Interactive Decision Tree: The Preserve Existing Split option in the auto-grow dialog now correctly keeps existing splits below the selected node untouched