What's new in Altair AI Studio 2024.0

Released: Apr 23, 2024

Introducing AI Studio.


RapidMiner Studio is now Altair AI Studio. This release incorporates the new Altair RapidMiner platform branding across the entire application. With this rebranding, we’ve introduced a new splash screen and a logo to welcome you to Altair AI Studio.

Revamped Installation Process.

A new, revamped installation process allows you to seamlessly install and use multiple versions of AI Studio. You can experiment with new features while keeping your current installed version. The new process also provides a migration step to move your repositories and extensions to the new version.

With the 2024.0 release, the AI Studio home and user home have also been changed.

For example, the default AI Studio home directory on Windows would be ~\.AltairRapidMiner\AI Studio.

Check out the details of the working directory structure here

Enhanced Decision Trees.

Get more advanced and interactive while building the Decision Tree models with Interactive Analysis. The release adds numerous interactive and important features. See the details below.

  • Support for Numerical labels – Now create tree models with numeric target/labels. The tree provides the average and standard deviation for each node. The node color indicates the gradient changes in the split.


  • Editing splits – The new range editor allows users to create and modify the branches on existing splits. This powerful functionality allows data scientists and analysts to modify the decision tree models using their business logic.


  • Distribution in the nodes – Quick setting to view the decision tree nodes with distribution as the background.


  • Exporting as an image – Export the tree as a .jpeg or a .png image file.

Check the release notes for further details on the enhancements.

Features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Additionally, AI Studio 2024.0.0 comes with further enhancements and improvements. Check out the notes for more details. A few notable points:

  • Further improvements to the AI Studio startup time.
  • Dates & Time – We have improved the expression parser date functions. The Generate Attributes operator now has a default time zone parameter.
  • The Read XML operator allows parents and ancestors to be in the XPath for attributes.
  • Massive improvements to the Interactive Decision Tree result view.
  • Some of the legacy stuff has been removed from the AI Studio. Read the release notes for further details.

The following pages describe the full list of enhancements and bug fixes in Altair AI Studio 2024.0.0 releases: