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What's New in RapidMiner Server 9.0.0?

Released: August 07th, 2018

The following describes the enhancements and bug fixes in RapidMiner Server 9.0.0:


  • Changed the storage location of the repository from database to file-system. This improves read and write performance immensely.
  • Configuration and user data like the repository content, will be stored in a separate home directory
  • Web Apps can now be opened without navigation panel via http://$HOST$/faces/restricted/dynamicreport.xhtml?reportLocation=$LOCATION$
  • Added caching of repository entries to Scoring Agent
  • Added setting of RapidMiner properties to Scoring Agent
  • Normal users can now view the queue page to inspect the queues they are allowed to access
  • Improved accuracy of job progress display
  • Users can now see all executions on queues they are permitted to use
  • The Add Queue and Delete Queue buttons in the queues page are now visible only to the administrator
  • The Queues page now auto-refreshes itself
  • Users can now see the Number of Job Containers and maximum memory allocation per Job Container on the queues page
  • The system column of the ra_ent_dbconnectionentry table has been renamed to databaseSystem in order to support MySQL 8.x
  • Updated third-party libraries


  • User creation will check for existing groups before creating a user
  • Fixed group membership accumulation for disabled LDAP mirror groups
  • Regardless of the used DB, data sets with infinity values are now supported
  • Repository REST service returns proper error messages
  • Improved connection handling between JobService and JobAgent in rare situations after disconnects
  • Job Agent distribution download will respect the used protocol (http or https) for predefined configuration