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What's New in RapidMiner Server 9.7.0?

Released: June 2nd, 2020

The following describes the enhancements and bug fixes in RapidMiner Server 9.7.0:


  • Added projects to enable your team to collaborate easily and safely
  • Added a new Server home page which presents users and admins with useful summary graphs of what's going on in the system
  • Rename RapidMiner Server to RapidMiner AI Hub
  • Changed primary web interface colors of RapidMiner AI Hub
  • Schedule creation is now also possible on the schedule page
  • Scheduling processes now checks existence of queues
  • Added force stop option to stop unresponsive jobs
  • Minimize Job Agent's max memory usage by setting Xmx JVM option to 128M
  • Added /schedules/evaluate REST endpoint to verify CRON expressions
  • Schedule creation and or editing now allows the use of projects file browser to select a process location
  • Added metric endpoints in the /executions/ context
    • /metrics/jobs
    • /metrics/rmserver
    • /metrics/resources/server
  • Renamed publicly available references of RapidMiner Server to RapidMiner AI Hub
  • Deactivated RichFaces control skinning for React pages
  • Unified date formatting for webservice calls
  • Added migration step to drop unused ra_ent_entry_event table
  • Add REST endpoint to control group mirror settings
  • Add as module dependency to support operating system information output
  • Added periodic cleanup for WebServices and WebApps
  • Changed font type format from true type to woff2


  • Fixed concurrent starts of container processes when the container PID file was not yet present
  • Fixed stopping of windows service by forcing an ungraceful shutdown of bundled job agent
  • Fixed webservice formatter for IOTables