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What's New in RapidMiner Server 9.4.0?

Released: September 25th, 2019

The following describes the enhancements and bug fixes in RapidMiner Server 9.4.0:


  • The Executions page now allows the stopping of multiple process executions at a time
  • Automatic removal of old jobs that periodically cleaned up to de-clutter job lists and limit disk storage needs
  • Radoop proxy can now use the SAML authentication in RapidMiner Server for user authentication
  • Added CORS support to Real-Time Scoring Agent
    • scoring-agent.cors.pathPattern
    • scoring-agent.cors.allowedMethods
    • scoring-agent.cors.allowedHeaders
    • scoring-agent.cors.allowedOrigins
  • Added a locale fallback mechanism on UNIX systems
  • Internal service communication uses service tokens which does not rely on the default admin account
  • Vanilla installations will use an additional exception sorter for validating db connections
  • Changed stored Connection MetaData format
  • Improved handling of operator progress updates


  • Fixed text wrapping issue in the installer UI